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Statement Stairs and Splendid Friends

Easton Painting, Inc. was asked by a local general contractor to meet with his clients to stain a new handrail. The couple was half finished remodeling their home, but you couldn’t tell with how hospitable and open they were. After selecting the handrail and getting a tour of the interior of their beautiful home, they enlisted Easton Painting to help them throughout their home.

Master BedroomSean and Carol, the homeowners, wanted to move into their master bedroom. Easton Painting quickly got to work on the raw MDF wainscoting with wood moldings, and the factory primed wood ceiling with sanding and primer. Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Acrylic-Alkyd was sprayed three times and the interior walls were finished with Benjamin Moore Regal Select.

A Flawless FinishFor the rest of the rooms, Easton painters used epoxy fillers on corner trim and ceiling knots and smoothed out runs and drips from the previous painters. A deep shade of tranquil blue was selected for the walls, while creamy white was selected for the ceiling, requiring a steady hand for brushing.

Statement StairsA primer and first coat of finish was sprayed on the stair balustrades before installation, using a 2×4 base and 1×2 top to keep it steady.

Three coats of Sherwin Williams Oil-based stain was applied to the handrail and stair treads, after intensive sanding to correct the cross-grain sanding marks on both surfaces. Five days were needed for the Oil stain to completely dry before applying several coats of Wood floor waterborne finish, with a open working time of 2 minutes.

Working on a stair rail while the customers sleep upstairs, and dogs are free to roam, is a challenge in itself. Yet Sean and Carol chose Easton Painting for our sincere belief in craftsmanship and service. Easton painters did all we could to work efficiently and honor their home.

The extensive preparation on new surfaces, the spray finishes, and stain work were impeccable. After the stairs were completed, every person who stepped through the front door appreciated the solid craftsmanship and expert execution.

Easton Painting took great care conforming to the customers needs while working on delivering a lasting and durable product. All the while, we made some great new friends in Sean and Carol. Thank you for inviting Easton Painters into your home!

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