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About Easton Painting

Starting as a painting and decorating contractor, our passion has evolved into experts in restoration of older homes. This includes windows, interiors, exteriors, plaster, and old stucco. We love to paint (color consultation is essential) and customer relations are fun, especially when they turn into friends.

Don Easton

Education is a huge part of our painting business. Since painting older homes has been our niche for years, studying the architecture and the colors applied fascinates us. Understanding the styles and craftsman that built these homes allows us to duplicate their expertise.

Don Easton is certified by the State of California Department of Public Health as a Lead-Related  Construction Certified Supervisor. Don Easton is a Lead Abatement Contractor.

Today our business comes from remodeling and freshening both older and newer homes. Adding a new color, changing from all white to a fresh shade of off-white with accents. Repairs, dry rot, wood replacement, stucco patches, drywall repairs … We are trained and ready.

Don Easton


Glide Ranch.jpeg


Don Easton has an incredible sense of color and a respect for the homes the he works on, and the people

he works for.

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I never expected to make such a cool friend when I hired you 6 months ago. You are a true craftsman and an amazingly

unique guy.

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Thank you and Mark for an excellent "exterior restoration" - it was way beyond painting.

You and Mark are so competent and detail - oriented - and fun to have around!

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