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Ensuring Christmas Arrives for Woodland Foster Youth

Easton Painting and family joined 50 local rotarians, two Woodland businesses, Sherwin Williams’ paint rep and manager, and the ladies at the ICU department to purchase presents up to $50 for local foster youth.

Gifting to the Yolo county homeless children and foster transition youth who never get adopted and are enrolled in the independent living skills classes through Woodland community college has become a holiday transition for Don Easton and family.

As a foster parent himself, Don knows first hand the magic these youths can bring to a family.

One thankful foster parent wrote, “dearest elf, thank you for the incredible Christmas gifts you gave to our little person. She just turned 12 months, and is as smart as you can imagine! She watches the big kids do yoga at her daycare and one day my husband and I noticed at home she was doing something that looked awfully similar to “downward dog”… Thank you for the baby yoga book and stuffed animals. She loves showering the animals with hugs and hunky-faced kisses, and we look forward to introducing yoga into her bedtime routine!”

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